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News » Weekend predictions, a transaction evaluation, a good cause promotion and a salutation - and there's a live chat today

Weekend predictions, a transaction evaluation, a good cause promotion and a salutation - and there's a live chat today

Weekend predictions, a transaction evaluation, a good cause promotion and a salutation - and there's a live chat today
May 8, 2009 (Newsday delivered by Newstex ) --

1. The sinking Yankees, desperate to turn around their season, will find a cure for what ails them in, yes, Alex Rodriguez, who will power his club to a three-game sweep of the Orioles at Camden Yards. A-Rod will go 7-for-15 for the weekend with two homers and eight RBI.

However, it won't be a fully tranquil weekend for A-Rod. When the Yankees take an 11-2 lead on Sunday, with his opposing third baseman Melvin Mora at bat in the bottom of the seventh, A-Rod will relay conspicuous signals that evoke memories of the Mariners' third-base coach in "The Naked Gun."

(BTW, now you see why Joe Girardi didn't push Mariano Rivera to pitch a second inning Wednesday night.)

2. The surging Mets will take two of three from Pittsburgh at Citi (NYSE:C) Field, and what we'll remember the most from this series is Francisco Rodriguez's work ethic. In his tribute to Eddie Murphy's versatility and perseverance in "The Nutty Professor," K-Rod will pick up two saves, make a key defensive stop, hit a home run and solve the obstructed-view problem in leftfield.

3. In the wake of Manny Ramirez's suspension, Joe Torre will turn to coaches Larry Bowa and Don Mattingly and say, "We've got to improve the other areas of our team, to make up for the drop in offense. Whatever happened to that guy who used to pitch every single day for us with the Yankees ?"

4. The Diamondbacks fired Bob Melvin last night, and today, they'll replace him with A.J. Hinch, who has no managerial experience.

The Hinch hire is risky, obviously, but Hinch, as the head of the club's minor leagues since 2006, knows a lot of the Diamondbacks' young players. It's a sensible hire, and a needed move. Even with Brandon Webb on the disabled list, this is a talented team that has been underachieving for just about a full year now.

Incidentally, in a typically self-involved observation, the two clubs I predicted to make the World Series last year, the Mets and the Blue Jays, fired their manager mid-season. Now, one of my two picks this year has done the same. Which means, look out, Terry Francona!

5. Tomorrow is Autism Awareness Day at Citi Field, a very good cause highlighting the Pirates-Mets game.

6. Most readers send e-mail to me nowadays, but I'll occasionally get a good, old-fashioned snail-mail letter. One arrived yesterday, via Newsday's office in Melville _ so it was snail-mailed to Melville, and then snail-mailed to my home _ from Tom E. Mahl, the author of "The Spitball Knuckleball Book," which I plugged here back in January.

Here's what Tom wrote:

Ken - Many thanks for the plug for "The Spitball Knuckleball Book." I hope "Tufts and baileywalk & Jack buy copies.

It is snowy/rainy and cold here today but opening day is not far away.


(Yes, he apparently wrote this a while ago. Forget about snail mail. Tom might have sent this through the Pony Express.)

7. Live chat today at 1:00. And before that, let's have a contest.

Thanks to this site for the cartoon.

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Added: May 8, 2009

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