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News » Dunn, Teixeira can expect plenty of interest

Dunn, Teixeira can expect plenty of interest

Dunn, Teixeira can expect  plenty of interest
The Hot Stove season is upon us, and that means it's time for teams to raid the coffers.

Of course, just certain teams need to do that. Some are fine as is (e.g., the Rays, the Twins, and maybe the Indians and Diamondbacks), and some will be so hopelessly buried in the standings that they're beyond help (e.g., the Nationals, Orioles, Pirates, etc.).

Others, though, should loosen the purse strings, and that's who we're focusing on. These, then, are the teams who need to be active on the free-agent market:


The defending AL West champs need to open the wallet, and owner Arte Moreno has a history of doing just that. Most notably, they face the potential loss of closer Francisco Rodriguez and first baseman Mark Teixeira. Ideally, the Angels would re-sign both. That's going to cost a lot of money, but the Angels are in "win now" mode. They could also use a lefty bat to split between DH and right field (when Vladimir Guerrero and his surgically repaired knee can't play the field). Adam Dunn and Raul Ibanez would both be good fits.

Blue Jays

The Jays were the most underrated team in baseball this past season, and in 2009 they could achieve "stealth contender" status. First order of business should be bringing back A.J. Burnett. Another clear need is for an upgrade at shortstop. Rafael Furcal would be ideal, and Orlando Cabrera is a reasonable backup plan. Some are pressing for the Jays to make a bigger splash on the market -- a splash roughly the size of Manny Ramirez, for instance -- but that's probably not necessary. Travis Snider, one of the best hitting prospects around, is likely ready to produce at the highest level.


Letting the injury-prone Ben Sheets walk is fine, but the Brewers badly need to invest in their product and do what it takes to re-sign CC Sabathia. It'll require a hometown discount, but it's worth taking the plunge. Sabathia is far and away the most valuable pitching commodity on the market, and inking him would send a powerful message to the Milwaukee fan base. It would also keep the team in contending territory. A rotation front of Sabathia, Yovani Gallardo and Manny Parra is a fine start on another playoff berth. It's vital that the Brewers make Sabathia a serious offer.


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Added: November 7, 2008

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